#FRIDAYFAVOURITES: Favourite bloggers

For this week's #Fridayfavourites we are going to tell you who our favourite blogs/ bloggerws are. These are blogs that have inspired us to start a blog, or implement a positive lifestyle change or provided useful information. We found these blogs to be very useful and we suggest you go check them out too and … Continue reading #FRIDAYFAVOURITES: Favourite bloggers


#Friday Favourites : Top 5 Favourite Quotes 

#FridayFavourites For this week's edition of #FridayFavourites we are listing our top 5 favourite quotes. You can find inspirational words everywhere: on the internet, in a lecture, in a movie or in a good book. Whenever we see a quote that speaks to us, we like to save it. Today, we are sharing 5 of our … Continue reading #Friday Favourites : Top 5 Favourite Quotes