3 Essential Ways To Connect With The Universe

For this week’s version of #spiritualsundays we are sharing our top 3 ways to a better connection with the universe. Returning to your original and true self involves connecting with the universe. Children do this quite easily but as we grow older we can find ourselves distancing from our true self and feeling disconnected with the universe as a whole. As adults, many then embark on a journey to re-establish this essential relationship with the world around us. Read more…


Spiritual Sundays: How to Meditate

Meditation. We hear the word everywhere and how we need to be meditating more.  But, if you’re like me it’s still a very difficult thing to do. I seem to always find excuses and reason as to why I’m too busy to meditate (yes I know this emphasizes even more my need to meditate). While they say you should meditate on a daily basis, I’m not there yet so instead I have made it a point to meditate every Sunday  Read More…

What you need to know about smudging with sage

Sage Smudging: What You Need to Know

After meeting my very first “psychic” who told me information and details about my life that even very close friends did not know, I could no longer convince myself that there wasn’t more to the universe. After my session with the spiritual healer I became hooked on smudging and I can’t wait to share with you the benefits of it! Read More…


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