The Joyful Daily vegan dill pickle soup

Vegan Dill Pickle Soup

I love pickles, and I love soup. If I was to choose one type of food that I would have to eat for the rest of my life, it’s soup (pizza is a close second). I had one of those days where I woke up not even a little bit hungry and with no desire for food, so I left my house without food to go to a meeting. Then, on my way back, I was starving! I had a 50 minute drive on my way home to daydream about what I was going to eat. I knew I wanted some sort of soup.

This recipe is a vegan take on the Polish Dill Pickle Soup.  Read more…


nutrient packed wheat free breakfast flatbread with avocado

Nutrient Packed Wheat-Free Breakfast Faltbread Recipe

This is a vegan recipe for a flatbread I have been eating very often lately! It has lots of fiber and protein so it’s great for breakfast, and it has no wheat. It’s easy and quick to make. Read more…