Wheat-Free Breakfast Flatbread Recipe

This nutrient packed wheat-free flatbread is vegan and has lots of fiber so it's a great choice for breakfast. You can top it off with avocado, or peanut butter and banana. Whatever your heart desires.


10 Signs You Need to Drink More Water

There are many problems that arise in our bodies because we are dehydrated, but we often don’t know that a lack of water is the cause so we reach for a quick fix, such as a pill for a headache or a digestive aid.

The Good and Bad of Coconut Oil

Coconuts have been gaining a lot of attention recently for their amazing benefits. It’s become like the Windex® in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, people use it for everything! And there’s no doubt that there are some pretty great things about coconut oil! Are there any negatives to coconut oil?