Why You Should Get A Yoga Block


I’ve practiced yoga on and off for a few years now, and can definitely say I love it. I believe in the life lessons practicing yoga can teach you. You don’t have to be a yoga rock-star like the people you may see on Instagram to receive all of the positive benefits yoga has to offer. I personally love the mentally clarity I get from practicing yoga and actually maintaining a routine practice.

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However, like many other yoga beginners, I did not try using a yoga block until recently. And let me tell you, I find it to be #lifechanging! I simply bought this yoga block from the workout section in Winners because it caught my eye and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was quite affordable (only $5.99), unlike many expensive ones I have seen online! I’m all for yoga but at an affordable price!

Anyways, back to my yoga block life changing story: I simply started with sitting on the floor, legs extended and together, and placed the yoga block flat behind me, approximately to the middle of my back. I then lowered myself onto it, and wow! It was much more difficult than I expected it to be and it completely helped me to open up my back and chest! I could not believe how such a simple block helped me to open up all parts of my back. I then proceeded to move the block up and down my spine continuing to simply lay on it and help it stretch my back and chest.

That night, after using the yoga block for the first time, I slept incredibly! I have tried the inversion table in an attempt to open up my back, and I can confidently state that this yoga block has done a lot more for me than the inversion table ever did! Not to mention it’s a fraction of the price. Now-a-days, even if I don’t get time to practice yoga each day, I definitely use my block to help open and stretch out my back in the mornings and before bed. It’s almost an addiction.

I hope this simple item helps one of you the way it has helped me!


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