#SPIRITUALSUNDAYS: The Meaning of Repeating Numbers

This post is for our fellow mystics. We hope you find it as useful as we do.

Do you keep seeing repeating numbers and wonder what they mean? We often do. Repeating numbers are messages from the universe. They are sent to us by our guides/ angels/ the divine to nudge us in the right direction. Numbers are just one way to receive signs from the universe. We talk about other ways to receive messages from the universe here.

The Meaning of Repeating numbers instagram

Once you start noticing repeating numbers it seems like they are everywhere! Each number has it’s own unique meaning that helps guide us. We find ourselves having to look up the meaning of these numbers a few times a day, because since were quite new at this, we don’t have all the meanings memorized.

So we decided to make a  repeating number cheat sheet to save on our phones. This just has a quick meaning of the numbers to remind us of what they mean. It’s a great little reminder of the bigger picture and helps us stay focused on our purpose here. We will also include more detailed posts on each repeating number, but we wanted to share this with you.

We included our sources at the bottom of the cheat sheet so you can check them out and read in more detail yourself!

Without further ado. Here is the cheat sheet:

The Meaning of Repeating Numbers (1)


Please let us know what you think and if you found this useful.

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