#FRIDAYFAVOURITES: Favourite bloggers

For this week’s #Fridayfavourites we are going to tell you who our favourite blogs/ bloggerws are. These are blogs that have inspired us to start a blog, or implement a positive lifestyle change or provided useful information. We found these blogs to be very useful and we suggest you go check them out too and see what you think !

Friday Favourites Favourite Bloggers

3.  Kristina from Fully Raw. Kristina has the most colourful instagram account I have seen. Everything about her seems colourful. She also posts videos on youtube which we love to watch. Kristina has been raw vegan over 10 years, and she shares her story with the public. She talks about the benefits of raw food, what she eats in a day,  foods to avoid and she shares recipes.

2. Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows.  Angela posts amazing vegan recipes on her blog. Sometimes when I’m at work I scroll through her blog and plan all the recipes im going to try and I get soooooo hungry because everything looks delicious. Her cookbook is also filled with tasty recipes and each recipe has a picture- which is very important for me, because I love to see pictures of the finished product before I make food.

1.Kara Benz from BohoBerry. This blog was a true inspiration to us. Kara Benz started her blog a little over a year ago and she has posted monthly income and traffic reports along the way showing how a blog can grow over time. If you are thinking of starting a blog but are overwhelmed by the idea and think it wouldn’t be successful, I definitely suggest you go check it out, you might be inspired. Kara also writes about Bullet Journaling (she has some beautiful bullet journals) and personal development.


Who are your favourite bloggers/ blogs? Do you have any suggestions of ones we should check out?



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