#Spiritual Sundays: How to Love Yourself

Many of us believe we love ourselves but don’t realise how many times we put ourselves as our last priority. We seem to have time for everything except for taking care of ourselves. How many times have you planned to have a relaxing day all to yourself and enjoy a nice bath, but instead you got distracted by things that you make a priority over yourself? In order to turn your life around for the better, you have to start with loving yourself first. Many people are givers in life but life needs to be a happy balance of giving and taking in order not to drain yourself and your energy. With that said, here are … ways to love yourself more because you are the most important person in your life!



#6. Learn to say NO!

Too many times we overwhelm ourselves with obligations we feel we have to keep even if they make our day more difficult. We put our own needs last to fulfil obligations we made to friends, family members, coworkers and even acquaintances. We find it hard to say NO when someone asks for our time and effort. However, learning to say NO when something does not work well for you is a way of loving yourself! Do not view saying NO as a negative thing. It does not make you a bad person. When it works for you, absolutely offer your time and help to people, however, if you are sacrificing your own happiness to make someone else happy, it is time to learn the word NO and not feel guilty about using it. View it as a way of loving yourself and see how much better you feel when you put yourself first instead of keeping plans you feel obligated to keep even though it puts your happiness last.

#5. STOP comparing yourself to others! 

“Another person’s success is not your failure.” – Anonymous 

I could not find the author of that quote, but truer words have never been spoken. Living in the age of social media, it is almost impossible not to get caught up in other people’s lives and compare yourself to them. This is a big problem because when we compare ourselves to people we tend to compare our flaws with another person’s success, which is not even a fair comparison to begin with. I struggled with this for the larger portion of my life and even today when I find my mind drifting off and comparing my life to that of someone else, I have to consciously stop myself from thinking that way. I remind myself that everyone is on a different journey in life and I’m not meant to compare myself with anyone else as our journeys are not the same. You are your own unique self, so why would you want to minimize your uniqueness and feel as though you have to be the same as someone else.

#4. Forgive yourself!

Today is the day you’re going to stop living in the past and you are finally going to forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Stop making yourself feel guilty and pay for your mistakes over and over again. Let go of that emotional turmoil and learn to love yourself and move on, focusing only on the future. The goal in life is not to live a perfect, mistake-free life, but instead it is to learn and move forward from our mistakes. If we always remained perfect and never did anything wrong, life would be uneventful and we would not learn to growth into better individuals throughout our life experience.

#3. Be picky about the people around you! 

It is time to let go of those negative relationships in your life with people who do not respect you and use too many opportunities to put you down and discourage you from your true potential. Instead, call up that friend that respects you, compliments you and truly encourages you to be your best self! Learn your self worth and know if someone does not respect you, they do not deserve your time and effort and no need to explain yourself to them either. Loving yourself and putting yourself first is more important than keeping that negative person in your life.

#2. Be kinder to yourself! 

Starting your day off with positive affirmations is a wonderful way to start your day positively but it is also a great way to learn to be speak kinder to yourself. Read our post here to learn more about the benefits of positive affirmations. We would not allow others to speak to us the way we speak to ourselves, so why do we think it’s okay to speak so unkindly to ourselves? Make a list of things you like and love about yourself and repeat it daily to build your confidence back up.

#1. Make time for yourself!

As mentioned above, too many times we plan to take a nice hot bath to relax but instead make a million things a priority before it. Time to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to take that bath, or take extra time to put on a good outfit and make yourself feel good, paint your nails, or go for a jog. You can even paint a picture by following our DIY tutorial you can find here! Whatever it may be, make yourself a priority and learn to love yourself!


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