#Friday Favourites: Top 3 Plants with Healing Properties 

For this week’s #FridayFavourites we wanted to share our top 3 plants with amazing healing properties. Many times in my life I have had to turn to these 3 plants for their healing properties to help with various issues.

#3. Sage: This is the second time we’re writing about sage on our site, but that is because we really love this plant! Previously we mentioned the positive energy properties of sage, but did you know sage also contains many healing properties when consumed? Sage helps fight the common cold, relieves muscles cramps, and it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Sage can be added to many of your traditional recipes including pizza, stews and sprinkled on salads. Sage can also be applied directly onto cold sores and gums to alleviate inflammation and help heal. Sage contains a high level of vitamin K so those with blood clotting disorders should speak with a physician prior to consuming it.

#2. Stinging Nettle: Stinging nettle is a wonder plant with an endless list of healing properties. Stinging nettle has been used traditionally to help with hair-loss, allergies, IBS, and nausea (just to name a few). Stinging nettle leaves can be brewed in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and is then ready for drinking. Be careful to use gloves while handling the leaves as they will sting your hands otherwise. Drinking this tea on a daily basis can have significant health benefits and the tea can also be used to massage onto your scalp and hair to help improve hair growth!

# 1. Aloe Vera: Everyone is familiar with the healing properties of aloe vera especially when it comes to sunburns. I routinely turn to the aloe vera plant and use the gel from its leaves to put on my skin. I have tried the store bought, green coloured aloe vera gel, however in my personal experience it does not compare to the gel directly from the leaf. Aloe vera gel helps cool your skin and heal it from a sunburn. Additionally , consuming aloe vera has many benefits and healing properties including aiding in digestion and detoxifying. You can simply peel the leaves, scoop the gel and blend it in a blender with some orange juice, and enjoy!


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