Feeling Tired and Groggy? Start Your Day with Lemon Water!

I start almost every day by drinking hot water with lemon. It has so many benefits. We already went through the benefits of drinking water and the signs of dehydration here. So now we are going to tell you about why you should drink lemon water!tired and groggy hold the coffee and start your day with lemon water.JPG

Do you feel bloated and groggy in the morning or after your breakfast? Lemon water can help!

  • Lemon water is energizing
  • It prepares your stomach for the day
  • It helps with digestion

Most people start the day with coffee (mmm… coffee) and then breakfast. This can cause lots of digestive problems. When you drink coffee, your stomach senses the high acidity and causes the stomach to prematurely empty (which is why most people have a bowel movement after they drink coffee). If your stomach empties that means all the stomach acid is gone too. The stomach acid is what helps digest the food. Read more about the importance of stomach acid here.

So then after your coffee, you eat your breakfast and you feel all groggy and bloated and tired. This happens because the pH of your stomach is not low enough, and the food is just sitting in there having a hard time digesting.

Here is what you should do:

  • As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water (I’m usually sooo thirsty when I wake up).
  • Then, boil some water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon or one lemon into a cup of the hot water.
  • Drink up!
  • After the lemon water, you should have your breakfast.
  • Wait 45 minutes after breakfast, then enjoy your coffee – Remember for every cup of coffee you have you should have 2 cups of water, we explain why here.
  • Feel the difference!!

You may be worried that you will be way too tired if you don’t drink your coffee first thing in the morning, but trust me, lemon water is so energizing and it has lots of Vitamin C so it’s an immune booster. After you drink this, you can enjoy your breakfast, but make sure to wait at least 45 minutes before you drink your coffee so your food has time to digest. If you drink your coffee too soon, your stomach will empty without properly digesting the food and your body won’t absorb all the good nutrients you just ate!

Coffee can have benefits too, just make sure to space it away from your meal. The healthiest coffee with most antioxidant properties is made from freshly ground organic coffee beans in a French press.


Try drinking hot lemon water in the morning and let us know how you feel!


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