3 Essential Ways To Connect With The Universe

For this week’s version of #spiritualsundays we are sharing our top 3 ways to a better connection with the universe. Returning to your original and true self involves connecting with the universe. Children do this quite easily but as we grow older we can find ourselves distancing from our true self and feeling disconnected with the universe as a whole. As adults, many then embark on a journey to re-establish this essential relationship with the world around us. We call it the universe, you may call it God, Buddha,  Jesus or your greater self, it does not matter, but what does matter is your acknowledgement of something greater than yourself and your connection with it. Connecting to the universe is a sure way of living a positive and joyful life.

#3. Showing and receiving love! 

Establishing genuine relationship with friends and family and showing love is a wonderful way to tune into the universe. We are meant to be social and enjoy the company of others and that’s exactly what we should do. Enjoy a good conversation with friends over food or a social gathering. Spend time with your siblings, parents, grandparents and other relatives. Focus on your connection and the positives of your relationship with these people. Enjoy the loving embrace of your partner or loved one. And hug your pet! Pets are a big responsibility but animals can give a great sense of joy and love and make us feel connected to the world around us.

#2. Use your senses! 

Our senses are such a vital part of how we are but we take a lot of it for granted or don’t utilize our senses to our full advantage. Strengthening our senses helps us to be in tune with the world around us whether it is through seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing or touching.

Vision: To help connect your sense of sight to the universe make a conscious effort to have good lighting no matter what you are doing. Trying to see and do things in poor lighting put a strain on your eyes. While the sun is great, it is not great for our eye so use sunglasses when out in bright sunlight. Also, step away from the electronic screens such as T.V.s, computers and your cellphones! These screens can really take a toll on our eyes. Take a break by turning off your electronics and focus your eyes elsewhere.

Smell: You can use your sense of smell to connect to the universe by taking the time to focus on different smells around you and to really pinpoint what smells make you feel good. We do not suggest smelling strong and potentially harmful chemical and instead you can use something like essential oils. Essential oils have many benefits, which we won’t go into at this moment, but they also significantly help with connecting you  to smells that are natural and organic. We suggest buying one essential oil such as citrus, or lavender (any essential oil will work), place a drop on the inside of your wrist, rub it in and then take a sniff. Focus on the emotions the positive scent makes you feel! Use one smell per day but make it a habit to really utilize scent therapy and strengthening your sense of smell.

Taste: Food is such a wonderful pleasure in life and our sense our taste is what makes it enjoyable. However, with all of the processed food in today’s society, our sense of taste can become overwhelmed or distorted. To utilize and enjoy your sense of taste, cut back on the use of salt, sugar and processed foods with artificial flavouring. Allow your tastes buds to have a break from strong artificial flavours so that you can enjoy true and natural flavour from real spices and foods such as cinnamon and basil.

Hearing: To use hearing to connect to the universe, listen to the sounds of nature and actually focus on the wind blowing the trees or the birds chirping. Much of our life seems to just be filled with useless background noises that we don’t take the time to really listen. Music is a great tool to help you connect and make you feel happy and positive, but of course it requires the right choice in music at a reasonable listening level. Avoid listening to music loudly and also avoid loud noises such as busy streets. These noises overwhelm our hearing and can instill negative emotions instead. Silence is also one of the strongest tools we have for connecting to the universe.

Touching: We live in a world where people connect more through electronics than through personal contact. Hugging your friends and family and touching another person in a loving and gentle way is a powerful way to instill positive emotions and to help us connect to the love and joy of human connection within the universe. Many times we put up a lot of personal space and have difficulty hugging someone else, shaking their hand or gently touching their shoulder in a time of need. A lot can be said for the benefits of therapeutic touch.

#1. Go outside! 

You cannot gain the same connection to the universe sitting on your couch as you can going outside and being in nature. This is one way children develop and maintain their positive connection with the world. Children play in the soil, roll around in the grass, climb trees and truly enjoy being in mother-nature. As we age we get busy with responsibilities and  being in nature no longer becomes a priority. To re-gain you connection with the Earth, go outside and walk barefoot on the grass or lay on the ground and envision yourself as one with nature. Gardening is also a great tool for this! We love gardening as it allows us to touch plants, get our hands dirty in the soil and truly feel joyful caring for our plants. If you don’t have a backyard, use your balcony, or plant some flowers in a pot for indoors, use containers to grow herbs in your kitchen, there are many options for you to do!


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