#Friday Favourites: Our Top 5 Favourite Things About Summer


Aaahhh summer.. It really is a magical time. There is something about summer that makes us feel rejuvenated and refreshed about life. I’m not sure how some of you living in year-round warm climate feel, but for us folks who live where it’s winter almost 8 months of the year, summer is our favourite season. There are numerous things I love about this season so I really had to focus to narrow it down to my top 5 favourites.

# 5. Wearing less clothing.

In the fall, winter and spring, I find myself wearing up to 5 layers of clothing at a time. While I love layering my clothes, being able to slip into a light summer dress and step out of the house makes my mornings so much easier. I don’t have to rush around the house looking for my missing scarf or mitten and don’t have to spend 5 minutes getting into my long boots. I love being able to get ready so quickly and effortlessly.

#4. Gardening!

Growing my own plants, herbs and vegetables bring me such joy! I love being able to step into my backyard and pick some fresh basil leaves to throw on top of pizza or whip up a quick basil pesto sauce! I find myself loving being more creative with food recipes when I have an abundant supply of ingredients in my own backyard. There is something therapeutic about taking care of plants and watching them sprout and grow.

#3. Beautiful Flowers.

There seems to be beautiful flowers everywhere you look in the summer, and I love it! The bright colour and different designs brighten up my day. Planting flowers in a pot ensures they last longer and you can decorate any space with them whether it be a dinner table of outdoor patio.

#2. Music Festivals.

Each year we try to make it to at least one music festival during the summer time. Music festivals are a great atmosphere to enjoy good music while relaxing and being outdoors with friends. We also swear the positive energy at music festivals is contagious!
favourite things about summer friday favourites.JPG


# 1. Swimming!!

By far my favourite thing about summer is being able to go swimming outdoors and drying off in the sunlight! There is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in the water on a pool float with a nice cold drink.

Hope you all get your dose of Vitamin D this summer! 😎

Please comment and give feedback or let us know if you need any more information!


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One thought on “#Friday Favourites: Our Top 5 Favourite Things About Summer

  1. Janice Mercer says:

    Yes thee
    se are all wonderful things about Summer. I also love the outdoor markets and concerts in my area. Last night was the last market near where I live and I was a little sad they came to an end, but so grateful they happened in the first place I also love all the fresh fruit. A bowl of fresh raspberries shared among family is a gem to be treasured.


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