DIY Beginner Canvas Art- Tree Branch Painting

Painting is a great way to relax. The paint just rolls on the canvas so smoothly while you listen to music and zone out the rest of the world.  I love painting, but often I feel too lazy to start (like with so many things), but once I do,  I get sucked in for hours. One time, I was having a wine and painting night by myself, and three hours later, my glass of wine remained untouched because I was so concentrated.

Painting can be a great way to meditate, if you don’t like to actually sit and meditate. After all, meditation is just focusing your mind on one thing at a time, and that is what painting and artistic crafts do for me.

Sometimes people say that they are not talented enough, or they don’t want to invest the money in the art supplies. Well good news! There are plenty of easy step by step instructions on the internet (this being one of them) on how to make a painting. And painting does not have to be expensive.  For example, this piece was completed with supplies from the dollar store. The only exception was the brushes because I did not want to be picking up bristles all day from the canvas, but even those were the most inexpensive at the art store.

DIY canvas art tree branch painting

It’s a great feeling to create a painting that you can put up in your house, because you feel proud of it, and you save lots of money (have you guys seen how expensive hand-painted art pieces are?)

I prefer to use acrylic paint because it’s forgiving. If you make a mistake you just paint over it and no one will ever know !

This particular painting was done as a request for a friend. She asked for something that would go with the colour scheme of her room, which was brown, beige, bronze and copper. So that was great, I didn’t even have to think of the colours!

DIY canvas branches

Colours used: White, Tan/Beige, Spun Gold, Espresso, Black, Copper, Bronze (each paint was $1.25 at the dollar store)

Step 1) Decide how to arrange your canvases ( I like paintings over multiple canvases).

Step 2) Start with your light source. I used a cup to draw out a perfect circle, then I painted it white with a thin tan border on the outside. Then started painting with white on the outside of the border (this will be the moon’s glow) and start slowly blending in the tan colour with your white.

Step 3)  Keep adding more and more tan in with the white paint and start painting out into the other canvases in concentric circles. Don’t stress too much about it, just keep mixing your white and your tan and make sure the background gets darker as you get farther away from your light source.

Don’t forget to get your cat’s approval.

Step 3 plus cat

Step 4) Admire the beautiful background you created.

Step 5) Draw your branches lightly with a pencil to plan out where they are going to go. If you’re feeling super confident just dive right in to the painting. Paint the branches with brown mixed with black  (black on it’s own is too dark, and the dollar store brown is too light). Don’t worry about mixing it evenly all throughout, it looks nice when some parts of the branches are darker than the others

Step 6) Finish painting your branches and start adding your leaves. I painted the leaves first with brown, and then I added bronze to some of them and copper to others.

step 9

Then go back to your branches and add some highlights

Step 10

I used gold and white for the highlights. Look where your light source is and then add the highlights where the light would shine on the branches.

Step 7) Keep adding highlights and colour to the leaves until you are happy and then marvel at your masterpiece!step11


Please comment and give feedback or let us know if you need any more information!

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