Sage Smudging: What You Need to Know

I first heard of sage smudging a few years ago when I met a spiritual healer who specialized in cleansing an individual’s aura. It was an important experience in my life that directed me towards a more spiritual path and focus in life.

After meeting my very first “psychic” who told me information and details about my life that even very close friends did not know, I could no longer convince myself that there wasn’t more to the universe. After my session with the spiritual healer I became hooked on smudging and I can’t wait to share with you the benefits of it!

what you should know about sage smudging

What is sage smudging?

It’s an ancient Aboriginal tradition used to cleanse and change the energy of a space or person from negative energy to positive. During smudging dried sage leaves (other herbs can be used as well) are burned to clear the negative and stagnant energy. There is even science behind it that suggests negative ions are released and neutralized the positive (bad) ions in our environment.

Negative and stagnant energy can be left in a space from individuals and can linger and cling onto objects affecting our mood and emotions. Smudging can be used to clear your environment of these negative energies. Sage smudging can be done in your home, car, or any other personal environment. You can smudge yourself and objects such as clothes, furniture or crystals.


Where can you buy sage?

Many stores carry sage now especially crystal healing stores and you can always buy it online. Since being introduced to sage I have started growing my own, using it for recipes (especially vegan pizza!), and using dried leaves to smudge with.

NOTE: If you have respiratory issues such as asthma please do not light a sage stick to smudge you area. Below we offer another option using sage essential oils and water to help you cleanse yourself and your environment of negative energy.


How do you smudge?

1) Gather all your supplies including: sage stick, match or lighter, feather or newspaper, and a bowl, shell or plate to place the smudge stick on.

2) Open up windows and doors in your home or space to allow the negative energy to leave your environment.

3) Set your intentions for clearing stagnant energy and changing your mood and environment to a more positive one.

4) Light your smudge stick or sage leaf with a match of lighter and place it in your bowl or plate allowing it to start smoking similar to incenses. DO NOT blow with your mouth on the smudge stick as this places your energy on it, and instead use the newspaper or simply lay it in the bowl waiting for the fire to go out and have it change to just smoke.

5) Take your smudge stick and in circular motions wave it carefully around your environment focusing on corners and area of low light and stagnant energy. It is best to do one room at a time if you are smudging your home. Carry the bowl with you to catch any falling pieces from the sage. At this time you may also use your newspaper or feather to fan the bowl and spread the smoke that way. You may then carefully move the smudge stick around you to cleanse your aura from head to toe. If you have long hair let it down to ensure no negative energy is clinging to you.


How often should you smudge?

I like to smudge if I feel down or maybe am not having the greatest day, this way it also helps me to shift my thinking as I set good intentions and focus on them while smudging. I also like to do it after I have a lot of people come over as I feel people’s energies can linger in an environment. I always smudge when I buy items from second hand stores because I think it is a great way to reset the energy of those items and whenever I move into a new space or buy a new car.


Alternative to burning sage?

As I mentioned above, smudging is not recommended if you have any respiratory problems or allergies. Sage has a very strong smell that stays long after you have finished smudging. As an alternative you can buy a sage essential oil and combine it with other essential oils such as lavender to make it smell nice. Place a few drops of each oil into a spray bottle filled with water and spray this around your environment.  While spraying, carry out the same process mentioned above of setting good intentions and focusing on reaching areas of low light and stagnant energy. Even though you are not burning sage, you still need to open your windows to allow negative energy to leave.




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