#Friday Favourites


Welcome to our very first Friday Favourites post. We want to end the week happily and start the weekend on a good note. So every Friday we are going to post 5 things that we appreciate, are thankful for, or make us happy and we invite you to join us! Feel free to tell us about your favourite things either in the comments section or on Instagram . Tag #fridayfavourites if you post on your account so we can find you and enjoy your favourite things!


1. New beginnings and opportunities!

You know that butterfly feeling when you’re anticipating the beginning of something like a new job or new relationship? We love the feeling of new beginnings! We are so grateful that we started this blog. It’s been almost a week now and we are so happy to add posts to it and we would work on it day and night if we could. We are so excited about the future and look forward to connecting with our readers.

2. Finding a parking spot in a busy city/parking lot!

This is near the top of my list this week because I feel so lucky to find a parking spot sometimes. For example, the program I attend is in a busy city and only has 8 parking spots available during business hours. This week when I went in, there was one empty parking spot left and I was so happy about it.


The smart person in me know that drinking too much coffee is bad for you. It makes your body more acidic and dehydrates you, but the smell of coffee and it’s deliciousness make me so happy. Coffee is comforting for me and is one of my favourite things this week.

4. Getting to sleep in! 

Some weeks I find myself so busy with a sleep schedule that is all over the place! The one thing I look forward to each week is a day off where I don’t have to set my alarm and can wake up whenever I feel rested. This helps me reset for the week ahead and brings me such joy!

5. Coming home to pets! 

No matter what type of day I’m having when I come home and I am greeted by my dog wagging her tail, or by my cat wrapping his tail around my leg, I become the happiest girl and immediately my mood changes! Pets express such love and joy towards us that you can’t help but smile when you see them.


What are your favourite things?



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